Granny Horror Games Online

The perfect combination of exciting quest and horror game is waiting for you here. All fans of difficult riddles and scary products will appreciate the Granny project. It quickly gained popularity because of various interesting streams and walkthrough videos.

And developers didn’t miss the chance. Lately they presented the second version to the world. Simple mechanics and fascinating game process quickly lead two of it to the top of this genre. And various modes add to the process different fascinating details.

Meet Granny Who Doesn’t Like Guests

In the beginning the main hero appears in a huge house in the middle of the forest. From the hanging note you discover many innocent travelers were trapped here and tried to escape. From the note you can’t understand whether they ran away or stayed here forever. But one thing is clear: you need to find the exit and rush away before this crazy lady catches you. The horror game gives you five days to complete your main aim and say “Goodbye” to the terrible monster.

Walk between rooms and find useful clues to solve mini quests on your way. There are many keys to every closed door laying in secret places around the house. Explore a huge house map to find them but don’t show up to horrible monster that walks right behind the wall.

She hears every noise you make and rushes to unexpectedly catch you. As soon as you hear her footsteps hide in the nearest closet, under the bed or in other shelters in the room. If she catches you you receive damages and the day ends. Your personage limps more and more after getting deep wounds. And as a result your whole screen becomes covered in blood which slows you down.

Interesting Gameplay Secrets

The Internet is full of different useful tips and tricks for your walkthrough. The game also gives you helpful advice and warns about the most important things. For example it reminds you to be quiet and all objects you throw on the floor make noise.

We all know that Granny doesn’t like noisy guests, right? Try to play carefully, hide in time and have fun in process. In the frightening forest around the building she prepared some big and discreet bear traps to slow you down in your breakout.

Look for various interactive tools like old teddy bear, useful code and heavy hammer. Also take a look at average furniture which stashes wrench, screwdriver or wire cutters that can help you later.

Notice every small detail to succeed and reach your global aim quickly. And pay attention to every insignificant device. Ordinary wall cameras are also a serious threat for you. It sends messages to Granny that you come to the punishment cell as soon as the door behind you closes. Be ready because she is already walking here looking for a little intruder!

Exciting Endings

Of course the best ending for you is receiving the desired freedom. But developers added other cool variants of the final scene to the game. You need to activate the easter eggs in different rooms to get the special secret ending.

Make this poor scary lady happy too and prevent her from kidnapping other travelers. Interact with a teddy bear by throwing it in a baby cradle. The community thinks it is the right final because everyone receives what he wants. Open other good variants or unlock every bad final. They all are very interesting and exciting so you will totally love it.

As you can see it’s totally not for kids. But if you want to feel the adrenaline in your veins and test yourself, play for free here now. Try the horror now with no download content. Every update is presented for you here absolutely priceless. Test yourself in all modes to improve your stealth skills. Enjoy these fantastic games now and have fun!